Young People


Talk About Youth Project Update:

Hi everyone, wow, we weren't expecting this new very surreal world that we find ourselves in.
However , everyone has stepped up and taken on the the many challenges which were presented to us.
The incredible team that makes up the Talk About Youth project have entered a new realm of online digital youth work.
To make sure we operated safely, we developed guidelines for this type of work. We ensure for eg that when running online youth groups, that parents give their consent for the under 18 year old cohort.

Below this article or to the right on a PC you will see the many links that we have sourced to help at this time. 

We are zooming to beat the band and also using messenger, whats apps and other communications with young people, parents, volunteers and other adults in the community. Online youth groups are running every day and most nights with our regular groups including, inbetweenagers, respect prog, hangout club, youth 21, the cave ravers, youth arts group, girl talk, international group and the intercultural group to name but a few.
We are dealing with around 150 young people and up to 100 parents and other adults every week.
Our facebook and instagram accounts are busy every day with themes of fun, wellbeing, meditations, challenges, quizzes, art work, funnies, positive messages and of course covid 19 guidelines.
We are there for everyone and are helping each and every person young and older deal with so many issues like isolation, fear, depression, worried about school, lack of I.T.including phones, wifi and lap tops, information overload, missing friends and shopping, missing hugs and so many more.
We also have our own Florence Nightingale aka Eileen Nalty who as well as running her groups is the community link with the centre and Pearse House 😀
Kim, Eddie, Lisa, Louisa and Orla are flat out running the groups, engaging with parents, doing online training and taking part in online fora with funders, partner orgs and youth projects all over Ireland as well as populating our social media accounts and planning new projects.
I have to thank our funders DCYA, CDYSB and the South Inner city Drug Task Force for their continued funding and support.
Huge thanks to all our volunteers and the incredible family that is St Andrews..a beacon of light and hope in this crazy time.
Stay safe everyone.
All the best.
Carmel O Connor -Youth Services Manager