Family Support Service

family supportWhat is Family Support?

Family Support Services is the collective title given to a broad range of provisions developed by a combination of statutory and voluntary agencies to promote the welfare of children in their own homes and communities. These services include parental education, development, and support activities as well as home-maker and visiting schemes.

Family Support can be as simple as recognising and responding to the needs of families, which may include practical, medical or emotional support.

Family Support can be subdivided into 6 main headings:

1. Therapeutic Interventions - Counselling, support listening, psychotherapy, family therapy elements of social work etc.

2. Parent Education Programmes

3. Home Based parent and family support

4. Child Development and Educational Development Interventions - Crèches, nurseries, playgroups, homework clubs, after school clubs.

5. Youth Work

6. Community Development

St Andrews provides support under all of the above headings and to add to the group supports a Family Support Worker is dedicated to the support of families in our community.


suport-of-familyFamily Support at St. Andrew's Resource Centre

Types of family support available through the Family Support Worker at St Andrews include:

- Parent Education programmes - one to one and group parenting programmes

- Personal Support - each situation is different and requires different interventions

- Addiction support - working to support through the process of managing addiction

- Supporting families after child protection issues with the HSE working to assist the parents with their children

- Advocacy work for clients

- Support Planning and working to develop support networks for individuals

- Liaising with the other Professionals in the area and cross referring as needs depend.

- Supporting individuals through crisis situations in their lives - bereavement, separation, homelessness and many other reasons.


Interaction with the Family Support Service is via a referral system. For more information and detail on how to be referred, simply click here


If you require any further information or if you wish to engage with the Family Support service, simply email or on 01 6771930.