Parenting Adolecents

2 Apr 2012

Parenting Adolescents - next course starts 17th April 2012 at 10.00am - 12.00 noon for 6 weeks.


This course considers how parents can connect with and build good relationships with their teenage children, while also being firm and influential in their lives. It explores well-researched principles of effective communication and conflict resolution which parents can use with their teenagers. Getting to Know and Connecting with your Teenager.

The topics covered are Communicating positively and effectively - listening, pressing the pause button, responding rather than reacting.Encouraging and Listening to Teenagers - techniques to get through to teenagersEstablishing Rules and Boundaries - gaining agreement Teaching Teenagers Responsibility - trust, learning to let go as parents, allowing teenagers gradually take ownershipDiscipline for young people - Repercussions Dealing with Conflict- techniques

Places limited, please contact Dara Terry.