Waterways Safety Course

4 Oct 2012

St.Andrews "Talk About Youth" Project in partnership with Waterways Ireland ran a water safety course in August over 3 days.
This course was aimed at young people who throughout the summer swam as what we know as the "Basin". This is a water hole which the Waterways Ireland building is located. The young people found it very interesting as they learned Basic Life Support (BSL).Through out the 3 days the young people learned different techniques of saving people with professional equipment and equipment that they can find at home.
The course also entailed safety talks on diving and jumping into the water which lead to exams been held on the 3rd day which everyone passed (way to go guys).

St.Andrews "Talk About Youth" project in partnership with Waterways Ireland would like to thank the young people who got involved in the course

For more information please contact Eileen in St.Andrews on 01-6771930