Junior Leaders Training

5 Nov 2012

The Junior Leaders Training Programme is open to young people from the age of fifteen plus. This programme is to support our young people to become role models within our community. The young people will gain new skills, which can be applied in their role while working with the young children.

This programme creates a space where they can build up relationships with their peers and adults in order to gain awareness of each other, they are encouraged to be active in planning and creating a programme that meets their needs. It is a two year training programme, divided up into four sections each year. Training usually finishes when the young person reaches eighteen, and then has the option of becoming an adult volunteer with the project.

The Junior Leaders can be found working within their weekly groups you will recognise them by their badges indicating which year they are in, and the progress they are making with their training.

Our junior leaders, like our senior volunteer leaders are invaluable to us as a project, many of our programme groups would not happen if not for the dedication and support we receive from them, for which the staff of the project are very proud and grateful for each and every hour they spend with us.

We recently had a meeting and the group will have a full day session on Saturday 22nd November in St Andrews Resourse Centre from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm and we look forward to a great session together.


If you would like more information on the Junior Leaders Programme contact Louisa or Susan on 01-6771930 or email Susan.Menton@standrews.ie or Louisa.Murray@standrews.ie