Dublin Exchange

21 Mar 2013


On the 8th of February 2013, two countries comprising of 10 young people and two leaders from both Norway and Georgia came to Dublin to participate in a youth exchange with 10 young people from the Pearse Street area. The aim of the exchange was to discover and identify issues around social mobility and to identify differences and similarities in the three countries.
We stayed in the hostel on D'olier street. We done a number of activities and we went to Cavan!! We went to the zoo, the Book of Kells and we did a number of sight-seeing activities.
I found this exchange to be a great experience as it was my first one. I found it a great way to mix with people from the area and different countries. Everybody got on great but it was a bit awkward on the first day as everyone didn't know who anybody was.


We learned the different cultures of the two countries. There was a mix of different personalities with everyone but all got on really well. We are going to Norway in August and we have to do some
Fundraising to help!! We are doing bag-packing as part of this. And are thinking up other fundraising events to do.

I am looking forward to going to Norway and meeting up with everyone. By Leanne ward