Referral Procedure

Interaction with the Family Support Service is via a referral system. A number of types of referral are currently available.

All referral is by agreement in advance with the person being referred.


Direct Referral - people in the catchment area can present themselves for family support

Professional Referral - other professional services in the area refer people for family support

Welfare Rights Department Referral - where there is more than information required the Welfare Rights department refer for family support.

Job Centre Referral - where a client presents with a need for support the job centre can refer to the Family Support Worker.

Management Referral - different managers in St Andrews can refer clients to Family Support where the need arises.

Outside agency Referral - other agencies have referred clients for family support again specific to needs


If you require any further information or if you wish to engage with the Family Support service, simply email or on 01 6771930.