Digital Community Overview

digital communityOver the past number of years St. Andrews' have been developing a process to teach new comers to technology by using the internet and approaching the whole issue as a social as well as a technical event. This process has proven very successful and people in the area are now using computers in their regular day to day lives. This area was designated as part of the digital divide and this is the issue that is now being successfully addressed.

Looking back over the years the process has gone from developing an idea into a working project that in the next few years should see increase again the number of participants, our goal was to have our IT used as much as possible for as many hours a day as possible by as many people as possible and that goal is being realised as new technology is being used to the benefit of the local community. 

The digital divide as defined by the Information Society affected this community more than most, we believe that we have made a good start at addressing that division and are now working to continue the progress made thus far.


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