Salvaging the Past-Shaping the Future

8 Dec 2017

St. Andrew's Resource Centre is proud to present an interesting publication for all to access, share, read, and discuss. 

"Salvaging the Past-Shaping the Future" was funded by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority and was written between 2002 and 2007. It focuses on the development of the Pearse Street and Docklands area at the beginning of the new millenium. The publication includes interviews with locals, images of the developing area, and plans for the future. 

Unfortunately, changes in the global economy in 2007 and the subsequent impact on Dublin as a city, meant that this publication never saw the light of day when it was eventually completed. This means that we present to you today a book that is very much of its time, recording the memories, hopes, and aspirations of a community ten years ago. As many will know the development of the area in the last few years has seen a great many changes in the area, and this book can be seen as a 'snapshot' of the development of the area ten years ago. As such it presents an interesting reflection on what the area was like, and how it was hoped to develop, all of which can be viewed against the realities of 2017. 


Please share this publication, send us your feedback, and enjoy the stories, plans, and photographs of this decade old publication. 

Salvaging the Past-Shaping the Future