Horticulture Project

SDF Big Day In playgroundThe St. Andrew’s Horticulture Project commenced in 2013 and might be compared to the very popular and successful “Men’s Sheds Programmes” that run all over the world. The project allows particpants from the local area to engage in the growing of a variety of plants within the custom made greenhouse located within the grounds of St. Andrew’s Resource Centre. The greenhouse itself was constructed by members of the group who built it from scratch in order to get the project up and running. Over the past two years the project has provided a wide array of floral displays that have been used throughout the centre and in the public spaces around the exterior of St. Andrew’s Resource Centre. This is a vibrant and engaging project that is constantly working on new projects and preparing for the next season, no matter what the weather brings!


If you are interested in taking part in the group, whether you have green fingers or not, then simply contact the project Manager, Elaine Boland at elaine.boland@standrews.ie or call 01-6771930