Community Employment (CE)

Want to do more with your time? Want to make a bigger contribution?

Have you considered Community Employment?

Community Employment is labour market initiative designed to assist long term (1 year) unemployed people back to the workforce. It is a two strand programme which allows participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, gain new skills and experience and access training.

What can we do for you?

St Andrew's Community Employment Project employs people in such diverse areas as childcare, care of the elderly, youth work, reception and administration, catering, bus driving, general maintenance, painting and decorating, security, horticulture, local heritage and a host of other opportunities.

It is an ideal opportunity for those in receipt of a social welfare benefit to use their skills, or gain new skills, in a community development based enterprise and stave of the ennui of long term unemployment.

Eligibility Criteria

As with all these programmes your eligibility varies according to your personal circumstances, but the short version is:
Over 25 and under 35 years of age are eligible for up to two years on Community Employment.
Over 35s are eligible for up to 3 years.
Over 55s can be eligible for up to 6 years.
You must be in receipt of a Department of Social Protection payment, regardless of how much, for at least 52 weeks.
Community Employment consists of 19.5 hour per week.You can be employed for the remainder of the week in another
position without penalty.

Remuneration is €220.50 per week.
Job specific QQI accredited training is also provided.

Why it's For You

Community Employment lets you keep your hand in and can show prospective employers that you did something about your employment situation. It gives you a feeling of self satisfaction to know that you are doing something worthwhile while waiting for the opportunity to re-engage in the labour market when things improve.